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Who We Are

CALD Marketing was born out of a passion for connecting people and cultures, a spirit of adventure, and a desire to create a better and more connected world. We believe we can create a better world through connecting people in meaningful ways.

The team at CALD marketing has spent the last 20 years living, breathing and celebrating cultural diversity and creating engaging brand experiences for multicultural audiences around the world.

Our culturally diverse in-house strategy, marketing and media planning team and highly qualified multilingual marketing and communications specialists have first-hand experience working in senior government communications roles and global advertising agencies however we love working with with commercial teams and SME’s to deliver practical programs that will drive results for your business.

Having lived, worked, studied and travelled in strange and foreign lands, we know the feeling over not being able to communicate in their language. We want to make it easy for CALD audiences to find the best products and the newest restaurants, provide a warm and friendly welcoming environment and to culturally sensitive and appropriate experiences.

We love great food & wine, curating the best in local and global fashion and getting out to exploring the best our city and country has to offer. And we can bring our influencer friends and media partners along for the ride.

What We Do

CALD Marketing is here to help brands keep engaging with multicultural communities. Our intention is to help these connections strengthen and assist all culturally and linguistically diverse audiences receive the best information.

We improve and build your brand’s marketing strategy. Campaign planning is a necessary part of any strategy, and having a robust and research driven consumer focused plan is the first step. We spend time evaluating your target market, and the cultural nuisances and considerations that need to be considered. Doing so will give you an edge over any competition, and will get you a clearer picture than most on who is engaging with your brand.

Our Partners